Life is not a Zero Sum game

The sciences of world say that equilibrium is when everything is at equal state. But is life a zero sum game ? When the water current of Indian Ocean is cold, the current of Arctic Ocean is hot. When the sun rises in Asia, it sets in America. When it’s summer in norther hemisphere, its winter in south. Looks like even nature can’t play zero sum game. Because it’s meant not to be a zero sum game. In our life, we are meant to be dependent on someone for something. By saying dependent, I don’t just mean in economic sense, there is a whole list of dependency which we don’t realise that we are dependent about.


And when everything in the world runs so perfectly without being a zero sum game, we can make it happen too. How if you ask me, I would say,  let’s be generous, let’s love without expectation just like nature does. And that would make our life beautiful in it’s flaws.

Oh !! Also remember to conserve nature. Let’s plant more trees ❤


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Pic 2 : Slack Girl – Tropicalia Nails
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As usual have fun shopping. It’s truly relaxing.


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