Life to its fullness

What does that statement really mean ? Is it loving it or making it loveable or is it being able to keep it loveable ? We never may get an answer.

But fashion can always answer us. And that is spread across SL ❀ Go grab yours.

The SCALA Yin/Yang event is still going on. And if you are wondering how more long. Good things don’t really wait. They end by the end of this month so rush now.

Lyrical B!zarre templates have come with this fabulous Yin/Yang Kiosk. So go now grab it with this amazing outfit I am wearing made by Eyelure ❀ There are definitely sexy to make everyone woo it ❀


!Lyrical B!zarre Templates! - Yin Yang Kiosk FP ADD I

Ah.. And here’s something which you all will definitely love. These nails. I don’t know how Slackgirl manages to be creative and different from each designs she does. I must really ask her for her trade secret πŸ˜›


Lastly, not definitely the least, another Yin/Yang specials by Artizana. This fabulous print in the top and bottom makes me love it more.



Credits :

Pic 1 :

Set : Lyrical B!zarre Yin Yang Kiosk (Exclusive at Yin/Yang event)
Dress : Tie me top and Laced up Skirt by Eyelure

Pic 2 :

Nails : Rosa Nails by SlackGirl

Pic 3 :

Top : Artizana Terike Collection (Exclusive at Yin/Yang event)

And have fun seeing this comedy video hahaha…

Have fun shopping.


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