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At times, I get stuck with my words and get in a position where I never know what to write or what to talk. I am having such a block today. Although as usual, you will get some ideas on few awesome stuff. What do you get from this ?

Fashion never lets you down. 😛

This pic below features something that is impossible to happen in SL. And if you ask what that is, its the head which I am wearing. Have you ever wanted a Bento mesh Head but have left with a sad face without buying it due to their high costs ?
Well its time you should be able to afford it. This head from Akeruka [AK] – LuLu will cost you just 1 L$ if you are already a member of AK group. If not, its going to cost you 151 L$ (150 L$ group joining cost + 1 L$ Head cost). And as we know good things don’t stay forever. They move on. This offer is only valid till Sunday (18th Jun 2017). So rush today and grab that beautiful head of yours.

And those Nails. I never get used to them. They just grab my eyes and make me look at their sexiness always. Those meanies. Grab those fabulous Slack Girl- Rose mesh nails.



And you must have heard the SCALA’s Yin/Yang Event. Omg they are fabulous. I am just in love with the designs. Everyone of them. You would never get tired of the beauty of every outfit and most importantly they all have a story ❤

This outfit by [The Sin] named Bella is a fabulous outfit which would go perfectly as a formal/casual style. The floral design make me go Woooo… for it. Grab this sexy outfit and have fun with SL shopping.

Snapshot_003 (4)

Pic 1 :
Head : [AK] – LuLu Head
Nails : :SG: Rose mesh nails

Pic 2:
Dress : [The Sin] – Bella Dress (Available at Yin/Yang event)

Have fun shopping.
Thank you,


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