Stretching our hearts <3

I was reading the autobiography of the most wonderful man lived in Earth, Mahatma Gandhi. As he quotes, “Let no one imagine that my experiments in dancing and the like marked a stage of indulgence in my life.”

Snapshot_003 (2)

He adds, “The reader will have noticed that even then I had my wits about me. That period of infatuation was not unrelieved by a certain amount of self-introspection on my part. I kept account of every farthing I spent, and my expenses were carefully calculated. Every little item such as omnibus fares or postage or a couple of coppers spent on newspapers, would be entered, and the balance struck every evening before going to bed.”


(continues) “That habit has stayed with me ever since, and I know that as a result, though I have had to handle public funds amounting to lakhs, I have succeeded in exercising strict economy in their disbursement, and instead of outstanding debts have had invariably a surplus balance in respect of all the movements I have led.”


(Continues) “Let every youth take a leaf out of my book and make it a point to account for everything that comes into and goes out of his pocket, and like me he is sure to be a gainer in the end. ”

Pic 1 : 

Dress : EyeLure Push Up dress
Shoes : Baboom– Overnight knee boots (Refer Pic 2 for close up shot)

Pic 3 : 

Nails : Slack Girl – Mirror mesh nails.
Ring : Slack Girl – Corset Ring (Bento)

The sexy outfit comes with a deep V cut which allows you to customise the look with a beautiful bra. Pair this Sexy attire from [Aleutia] Abi available in tropical summer fair 2017. And you will absolutely love those nails and ring from Slack Girl. The overall looks gets complete which the sexy over knee peep-toe Boots available at Baboom Couture.

[Aleutia] Abi

Hope you had fun reading the blog today. Have fun shopping.
Thank you.

With love,


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