We have it all in love <3

I was walking in the streets of a beautiful sim, Avalon Peace Gardens, enjoying the sunset. And my thoughts started to wander. There is only one thing which unite the whole world together and its mutual love. There is a bond of harmony between them which makes them act unison, just like our eyes. But when a squint occur, the harmony breaks.You will realise the effects of harmony when you are around them and you lose track of time, care least about the others around you, you are happier, and funnier, words come out spontaneously from your mouth, you could not care more less about the words you use, no awkward pauses or useless chat. And the beauty of it is all this will happen without your knowledge like how your hands always find you even with your eyes closed.

Snapshot_003 (2)

Its Complicated and is beautiful to carry around. Like Rabindranath Tagore quotes, “In love at one of its poles you find the personal, and at the other the impersonal. At one you have the positive assertion – Here I am; at the other the equally strong denial – I am not. Without this ego what is love? And again, with only this ego how can love be possible?” And when we understand this, we realise the love.

Thank you for letting me say hi to you ❤

Styling : –mL- (monaLisa) Azria Bodysuit
monaLisa Azria Bodysuit comes with sexy harness coming all the way to your legs. Perfect outfit to surprise your loved ones with. Fitted for all mesh bodies.

Have fun shopping,
With love,


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