Let’s make life simple <3

I meditate upon mankind’s advancement
From flint sparks into million-volted glare
That shows us everything but the future –
And leaves us not much wiser than we were.

  • Seigfried Sassoon

Snapshot_003 (1)

We make our decisions. Our decisions make us and our life. Theoretically, decision making is simple but when a problem emerge are we able to stay in our sound mind ? When there is countable number of best decisions in the world, how many poor decisions can we find? For sure there is no shortage in the list. Life as well doesn’t like to make them simple. Before you realise you made a wrong decision you realise that its too late to correct it. We think most things in our life happens unprecedented but things happen with a link. Sometimes bad things happen with abysmal decisions we make. Of course no one can make the best decisions all the time. In retrospect, failure often seems to have been inevitable. But we can still choose to stay strong and cross the fiction of life with strength.


Thank you [Aleutia] and Eyelure For adding me as your blogger.

Pic 1 : [Aleutia] HOLLY

Every time there is something new with [Aleutia]
Red Tag Sales! A new weekly sale @ [Aleutia], featuring amazing sales from 35-75% off!
Today, we’ve got a brand new release for only 99L for group members! Come on by and and check it out! Bring your friends too! It’s only 247L for general public and then goes up to its full price tomorrow morning! And as a special celebration of Catalina’s 10th rezday, the cost to join the [Aleutia] group is only 10L. ❤

I am wearing the extremely stylish HOLLY Top from [Aleutia]. It’s very open to be styled with any bottom of your choice. The top comes in two version (Solid and Prints) so is all other outfit from [Aleutia]. The hud of HOLLY offers you options to edit the swirls and the jacket separately.

Pic 2 : EyeLure Push-Up Dress

This EyeLure Push-Up dress comes in 6 various colours. HotLime, Pink, Soft Green, Turquoise, Blue and Black. Extremely comfortable while moving. An awesome dress that you can wear while you dance.

Have fun shopping,
With love,


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