My journey at MVW – Part 1

It’s very important to know where we are, and what we are doing. Many a times I was not sure about it. But now this travel of my SL is just fabulous. I am enjoying each and every moment here. I know I made it so late to make a post about travel in MVW but I think this travel deserve more 🙂

First I badly wanted to apply for MVW – Auditions but was not able to apply. Because It was time when I lost my confidence level and was so badly stuck with SL modelling. But after several motivation from my mom Ruby Ornamental I decided to make the auditions of MVW – 2016. And there was only 2 days left to submit my entry and finally I made my submission with a lot of hope to get selected for live auditions and my hope didn’t go in vain. Yes, I got selected to walk in live auditions among other fabulous models. Everyone looked awesome for me except me. But I tried to build my confidence up and made my walk.

Here is the styling I made for MVW – Live auditions 2016

***Casual Chic inspired by Givenchy*** and below is my interpretation.

mvw 1_001 (1)

My walk was done and that night I was not able to sleep and badly was awaiting the results. Results came up and know what yes !! I got selected as MVW – India 2016. First thing I was very happy that I got selected and the second thing is that I was very very happy that I was able to represent my own nation.

Challenge 1 :

The first challenge for us got announced. “LADY MARMALADE MEETS ZUMANITY”

It was so much fun styling and was very hard to make me look sexy but not slutty. Well you all know MVW is always hard. Addison made awesome pictures of my styling that day. And here you go…

20794981448_37f81e6d79_o (1)

Challenge 2 details coming up very soon 🙂

Style card :

Picture 1 :

Top : Escouade by David heather
Pants : Soft leather pants by LRD
Hip wrap : Merceda skirt by Soedara
Coat : 4 minute coat by SG
Shoes : strapbella stilettos by shey
Hair : My hair by Monso
Hat : vivid hair by LODE
Earrings : Ear cuff by swallow
Necklace : kotowari by Mandala
Ring : Black spring ring by Shake up
Sunglasses : Rockability by Eclectica
Ears : steking ears from Mandala

Picture 2 :

Outfit : French show bodysuit from champagne couture
Hand cuff : Bellatrix cuff from Zibska
Head piece : Scorpian fascinator blood by V:e
Shoes : Sk V5 from Over the moon
Mask : Venetian mask from PL
Eye decor : le reve de la petite main from BL
Make up : Meta red 90% by Nuuna
Kati red by Nuuna
Lipstick : Vermelho intenso by dead apples
Eyeliners : Eyeliner 6 from Celestina’s wedding
Stocking : Lace back seam stocking from Candy apples

Thank you for visiting me. And wait for the lovely post about my challenge 2 and challenge 3. ❤ ❤


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  1. You are always a head turner.

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