He is looking at me And so “Let me look Ethnic “.. !!!

LET ME LOOK ETHNIC” and Inspire you with this round of Instruments ❤

Ethnic style have always Inspired me and have always reminded me of my lovely family in India. You must have known India. India have lots of lovely colours and unique textures and it is something like which I have seen all my childhood and even is something I will see all my life ❤

flirn and dita couture ins_001

Talking about ethnic.. Love must also be ethnic.. well it is ethnic to ethnic ? Somehow as a physics student I can describe love is formed when the universe had its formation with helium and hydrogen gases ? and we can assume it may or may not scatter when the universe is gonna scatter with big bang theory ? Well Anyone thinking that I am joking ? No I am not ..  May be I am getting all these lovely idiotic thoughts because I am in love ?

Wicca - ins sep_001 copy (1)

Hmmm.. You guessed it right.. It was one rainy day, I was all wet already because of swimming and the lovely droplets of rain made me more wet and I was holding my hands together and was trying to make my body hot so I don’t shiver. He came before me, and looked into my eyes ” I was starring him with a smile with a lot of eager to know what he is thinking to tell me.. After a few seconds of eye contact he told me “Did I say that your smile is very cute ?” And he walked away very fast imagining if I am gonna slap him but he didn’t know he made me blush.

Snapshot_0021 (1)

Later that day We also managed to share the mobile number and then few hours of talking, many hours of dreams.. Songs in mind !! Dance of heart !! Butterflies all over and finally I knew its love.. I was thinking “Love at first sight ?” And my heart replied “Bull shit” And now I am confused .. what do you guys think ?

Reply me 😀 and do not forget to go to shopping as it relax all our body and mind 😛 may be it tense our credit cards but who cares ?

All the outfits displayed in the pictures are available @ The instruments – September round.

Image 1 : Flirn Designs (Chiara outfit) and Dita couture (Peace and Love set)

Image 2 : Wicca’s wardrobe – Rayna dress 

Image 3 : DE boutique – On the road outfit

And lots of amazing items filled in a new lovely sim. Go visit the New sim of instruments and I know you will completely love it.


With love, valsnia. Thank you for reading.


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