Instruments August Round

When this person makes you happy you start to feel warm inside, your heart starts to glow and give you wonderful feelings inside and you know you want more, you started to get addicted to this person but it is commonly known as ”being in love” and it is true, when you’re in love you don’t want anything else than be with the person you’re in love with all the time and try to make this person as happy as this person makes you happy.

instruments virtual diva 1_003 copy

loovus and PM_001

Both outfits are available in The instruments event ❤

LM >> The instruments

Image 1 : Thunder gown by Virtual Diva Couture @ Instruments

Image 2 : Top – Paloma cardigan from Purple Moon @ Instruments

Pants – Prententious top from  Loovus @ Instruments

Thank you for reading.. ( storylines from essence of love by john macc )

Hearing ….


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