Chop Zuey <3 – Miss India Kundalini <3

One outfit which can be worn in parts or stand alone for anything and for everything. Its just not an outfit. Its the culture of India, Culture of indians, and love of world. A golden jewellery made with red and green stones, show cases the peacock in its back piece with the representation of Taj mahal – One of the 7 wonders of the world. You can see everything of india in one fabulous outfit named – Kundalini made by belle rousell – Chop Zuey ❤

I can’t explain you how happy I felt when i wore this on Miss SL Runway as Miss SL INDIA and when i had it over me I was completely frozen and I was like OMG.. This is all that i want ❤ So its our time to go over the fabulousness of this outfit with some pictures which cant completely make justice to the beauty of the outfit. Still Delypop made a wonderful picture of this fabulous dress completely to give some justice to how it look. ❤

Chop Zuey >> SLURL


You can also get the jewels separate if you want.

Kundalini Nose Rings & Bindi Kundalini Earrings Kundalini Choker Necklace & Breast Plate Kundalini Bracelets Kundalini Anklets & Toe Rings

But I am sure you cant let even one piece go off your inventory and so you will purchase all the wonderful jewels ❤

Chop Zuey >> SLURL


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