Ruby Queen in lavender forest <3

A Queen gave birth to her only daughter.The girl grown up to be one of the most admirable beauty over the place. She had blue eyes, wheat coloured skin and beautiful black hair. In her age of 10 she had a friend who used to tease her that he will marry her in a ruby gown. Days passed and she became 17. It was time for her to become queen. Her father, the King started searching a man for her. He announced to all the civilians, that the man whom the princess like will be the king. Everyone came, the tallest, the shortest, the fair men, the dark men. The world saw the large crowd of men over there. The princess didn’t feel love for anyone. This selection went for several days. She prayed to god, “God please show me my true love”.


The minute she prayed, there appeared a beast man, who had red eyes with grey collapsed hair, looked the ugliest of all and looked like a devil.. he gone near her and said her, “Miss princess you have to marry me and you have to carry me.. you don’t have any other choice”.. She thought ” oh my god, you misunderstood my prayer, he is not beautiful, he is not kind, he don’t have anything I want ” and she said to him that she don’t like him. That moment the beast man will start to cry, his droplets come as blood and will fall on the white dress of the princess. The Cry will make the dress ruby in colour and when it does the beast will change to a beautiful man ever in the world and there the princess will get remembrance of the promise given by her love, “Even though I am lost, I will marry you in a red gown”, he kept his promise and gained the lovely heart of princess…

nayomi azul_001

Picture Credits :

Picture 1 : Taken by me, Edited by Delypop (Dely’s flickr here)

Picture 2 : Me

Outfit : Azul – Nayomi (check out the limited edition ruby colour which is only available in Market Place)                                                       *Azul – Inworld Store –> SLurL

Makeup : RAPTURE™ Holland Makeup —> SLurL

RAPTURE™ has its very first makeup collection titled HOLLAND. This consists of 8 lipsticks and 5 eyeshadows. So have fun and go haute

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