Azul Gifts Cant be missed <3


Azul —-> SLURL

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I am wearing –> MayGroup Gift of Azul ❤

Azul —-> SLURL

Azul means blue ❤

Do you have any idea why blue color is named BLUE ? It have a strange imaginative story. There was a cloth merchant named “blawez”. Blawez spent all his life in preparing a sapphire fabric. He completed the fabric and started to travel to sell in the next town market. On the way he was resting under a tree,wondering at the sky and that moment, a old lady came and asked him for a help to find her white swan which hold her heart and also said him that the sky angel have stole her heart with the swan. She requested him that she need her swan to live. Blawez felt very bad for her and asked her how he can help. The old lady said to Blawez, that she need 20 sky coloured fabric to be burnt in order to get her swan back from the sky angel. Blawez had 20 sapphire fabric and he decided to burn it in order to save the old lady. He put all the costly fabric and took stones to create fire. The fire was produced and he burnt all the sapphire fabric he had. As soon as its burnt the old lady changed  into a beautiful young lady and blawez later realized that its the sky angel. The sky angel gave him back all the fabric he burnt with gold and lots of costly fabric. Blawez thanked the angel and the Angel impressed of the pure heart of blawez and blessed him saying that the color of her will be called as blaw representing him into her. Later and moving on the word “blaw” changed to blue.

Say me now, Isn’t Azul fabulous ? Isn’t Azul dramatic ? Azul is elegance, Azul is beauty and Azul can be anything  ❤

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Azul —-> SLURL

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