Sometime for HATS


How much is a hat important ? A hat can show what you are. A hat can show you how you are. A hat can decide your style ! It can also decide your character, It can pop your style and sometimes it can be your style. And I know how much a hat is important for you and I have some awesome hats to show you.

A CHOKER can pride you. A choker can make u a princess. It will show you the way to be a queen. And let me show you some awesome choker’s too.

You would probably be surprised with these awesome hats as I was surprised.

HAT 1 : Top hat Black with feathers

join hands no7_008

There is nothing new in this hat. But yes the hat itself is very NEW. A typical boxed round hat with few beautiful peacock feathers make anyone look beautiful. And it goes the best with anyone and everyone.

CHOKER 1 : Lybra N’Bunny collar

Hmm.. Bunny ? Do you know the history where bunny is originated from ? There was a Scottish king named bun and when he was about to eat a rabbit rushed in and ate his food. Getting anger the king killed the rabbit which was owned by a angel. And knowing this the angel cursed the king to get a rabbit head. From that time people started to call him as Rabbit bun king. Later his generation was called a : Bun King Family “. Later it became “Bunky Family”. Moving on people started calling rabbits as “Bunky “. And in the times it changed to “Bunny”.

join hands no7_005

This awesome choker gives you the look like you are the ruler of the nation and there goes the name too.


Sascha’s is really fabulous in whatever they do. This is spring. And its time for flower. Time for colours. Time for a kiss and time for a love. And that means its time for Sascha’s – Flower Explosion.

join hands no7_010

I know !! I know you will love it. So now relax you have some more to have a look at too.

Go to the awesome places and have a look at some more beautiful items they have. Before completing this blog. Dont you wish to see a outfit ? Yes !! Yes !! Its time for hats. But still you need a outfit to match them right ? Below is one very fabulous summer outfit which is just mind blowing design from LYBRA. Look Cinematic. Look like a heroine. And its your moment to enjoy the trend of old time movies. And yes YOU WILL ENJOY !!

Name : LYBRA – Babi



Raw <3

Raw ❤

Some more hats and choker for you to have a look ❤

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

LM’s :

1. LYBRA –> SLurL 


Thank you for having a look at the blog. Meet you all very soon.


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