Instruments is OPEN

As I said in the previous posts of me, The Event The Instruments – April round got open by 4th of this month and ends by 28th of this month.

Time to shine and bright in a perfect Avenue with the theme: XTREME FASHION
27 great designers made fantastic designs for this round ♥
The Instruments that inspire us!

I was at my bed and I got a call from my friend and she screamed that the instruments is open. As soon as I heard it I woke up very fast, wore something and rushed to the instrument New Location and it was quite awesome.


After a bit of walk I found this awesome outfit by Tashi which almost said the feelings of a man in all cases and all senses which is been made with cute smiles in a column.

This Kawaii outfit by TASHI inspired me as soon as I saw it. This outfit holds an hud and gives you three colour options.

instruments 6_001

After getting this outfit i turned over a bit and found a awesome high heels matching this wonderful outfit.These Ladonna heels from Nya’s made me look sexy enough. And its not that easy to get such an awesome pointy heel with a perfect finishing. So rush !!!

instruments 6_002

A bit dangerous but overloaded sexy looking Nya’s Ladonna heels is available in 10 colours. And that give you a wide choice to choose the one good for your outfit ❤

After adding this heels to the purchase bag I gave a turn and I found another awesome outfit by Masoom to give a lovely look. This is not complete mesh but that cannot be a reason say no for this wonderful outfit. This wonderful Mystique dress by Masoom also have choice of 2 colours Almond and silver. So again there we hold some choice.

instruments monday_001

I thought okay shopping done and went near the payment area, where I saw a wonderful sets of aretha shoes from purple moon which symbolically said me that the shopping is not yet over. I thought to grab fastly and run out of the place to save my wallet but OMG that shoes have an option of 24 colours of aretha shoes and there i started to get confused of what colour to purchase and spent almost 30 mins. So I , for some known reason decided to purchase the fat pack which gives you an colour changing option in hud.

instruments monday_002

And finally I made my payment which made my wallet go empty, but i am really happy with all these wonderful products from various designers and now its time for you to get your wallet empty for some wonderful products by wonderful brands.

I will go to the event again tomorrow to see other fabulous items and I hope you will also enter the place to get some fabbos for you. Here is the new LM of Instruments again for your convenience.


Thank you for visiting ! See you all at next post 🙂 Have a wonderful time ahead.


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