One day picnic

Yesterday I have been so upset of some reason and my mom preffered for a picnic. As soon as she said it, I was soo happy and it doubled when mom asked me to choose a spot. It nearly took me few minutes to find out the spot. This spot named duet was looking pretty awesome and giving an energy for all tired minds.

If you wanna relax you.. Here is the SLurL

The duet —> Click Here

We went kinda in early morning where the sun did not arise yet and I took mom’s mobile phone and waved the light all over and was walking and then mom preferred a selfie and it came pretty awesome.

Fun snap 1_001 (1)

Then we lay down on a place there and we both slept off in the clear breeze and when we woke up it was afternoon and the sun have been making our eyes go bad and still we managed to get up and start playing.

Fun snap 1_003

And finally we saw a lake and also took a snap of it. But as it was taken in old camera which does not capture colour it is looking like this.

Fun snap 1_004

Style Card :

Outfit : Spring 2015 Deed by Lavian&co ( available @ the instruments )

This outfit will be available in The instruments event april round which is opening today by 5 AM and the time is not so far.

Instruments SLurL : The Instruments April Round ( Will be open for public @ 4th april 5.00 AM)

Thank you and see you all in the next post 🙂


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