Prism, Promagic, Machoire and DOPE fashion week – RJB

Lots of events, Lots of New releases.

This march month is really going on a great way ahead. Today I am going to blog on my lovely sponsors such as promagic, prism and one lovely event DOPE – Spring fashion week.

1. Prism 

To colour our second life we surely need prism outfit. This fabulous outfit of prism by journey will be always my choice for an outing or shopping or anything. 😛 This lovely outfit named Sheena by journey alias, Crystal Blacklace dress comes in 4 colours.

prism, machoire and promagic_001 copy

Style Card :

Outfit : Crystal Blacklace dress by Prism 

Hair : LOTH hair by Machoire

Slippers : Basic Anklets by Promagic 

I will now blog 3 colours and one colour which is my favourite will be here later.

prism, machoire and promagic_016

prism, machoire and promagic_011

A sexy curve on the front with a damn crop down in back makes this outfit unique. Check Prism Mainstore to get this awesome outfit. Below is the other two texture availability of the outfit. ( Remember its available in 4 colours. The fourth colour outfit will be revealed tomorrow in a seperate post ).

Prism Designs SLurL : Prism 

( Jewel blogged below )

2. Promagic :

You might have not seen this awesome Basic anklets by promagic in any other shop. This unique anklets by promagic resident reminds me of a royal, ethnic indian stylist. This goes perfect with your slink feet – HIGH, ( Feet not included ).

This also comes in three colours,

A. Gold : ( worn in IMG 1 )

prism, machoire and promagic_004

2. Copper :

prism, machoire and promagic_005

3. Silver :

prism, machoire and promagic_006

Enjoy these fabulous set of anklets from promagic to have a royal, energetic look.

Promagic SLurL : Click me — > Promagic

3. Machoire :

She is one new designer who is really awesome and thats not a big surprise after getting to know her sense of fashion and creativity. She is daring enough to make a hair which is a combination of boxes and have a kinda pop feel in the part where the hair is taken in the skull.

prism, machoire and promagic_003

Do you wanna look fierce ?

Just get this hair named LOTH from this fabulous new designer and make you fierce even in a outfit for alice. 😛 Yeah I really mean it.

Machoire SLurL : Click me —> Machoire

4. Dope Fashion Week

One of the most expected Fashion week of Spring,

This awesome fashion week is presented by DOPE Magazine – SPRING FASHION WEEK 2015 (DSFW)
DOPE Is happy to be back bringing you another hot fashion week! They are ready to give you a taste of the hottest fashion for Spring. Join the Official DSFW SLFB Group now,so you can be updated before and during the week of DSFW!


Group Link : secondlife:///app/group/ffac375e-258f-d34b-6ec9-e9324c2d47c1/about ( Copy paste this link in your Local chat to get the group )

Like them on Facebook :

So this event is not so far : Its on 15th march 2015 to 21st march 2015

You will have to wait only a few days to take part in a fabulous fashion week and I am proud to be a blogger over here.

Entire Event schedule : Click below link :

Attend Dope fashion week here : —-> DOPE – Spring fashion week

——> Designer in DOPE :


Her jewellery is really making me blink my eyes and these fabulous jewellery will give elegance to your look.

Below are few sets of her that inspired me,

1. Lover’s Heart Gold Set :

prism, machoire and promagic_009

2. Ava’s Leaf set Gold :

prism, machoire and promagic_013

prism, machoire and promagic_014

prism, machoire and promagic_015

3. Amythest and white butterfly earrings :

prism, machoire and promagic_017

She is one awesome sweetheart who makes even custom design. Below is the message from designer for custom orders :

~~~ ( Message from Designer )~~~

RJB Jewelry


Custom Jewelry price is determined by the number of pieces that is wanted and the amount of work it involves and permissions wanted. Most work is finished in 3 days, but please allow more time for large and complicated orders.


Rachael Kushington-Mccoy

Designer Link : secondlife:///app/agent/c353b521-3fad-4cd0-8940-b3769fd0f86a/about ( copy paste this link in public chat to get the link of the designer )

~~~ ( Message from designer ends ) ~~~


RJB @ Gagalini estate 





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