Valsnia – Leaving SL

Hello each and everyone. I am writing this big passage with lot of pain because this will be the last post of mine. I AM LEAVING SECOND LIFE. I know this could be quite shocking to each one of you, even it is shocking to me when I decided something like this last month. But yes, I have to do this. The phase of my life now is quite hard and need more attention.You might now think that its possible to manage SL and RL. But the step I took in my life is quite hard and full of thorns. Though is hard its my aim and to cherish the happiness of achieving something you want I am now in need to leave Second Life. I decided to write certain exam called “Civil Services exam” considered as Queen of Exams in India. Second life have gave me a lot of things. Fashion in SL thought me really how to dress in RL. Fashion in SL got me my mom Ruby ornamental .And my mom got all love and affection towards. She is the one and only person i can consider equal to my RL mom. Many have helped me in my SL. And this SL fashion have got me close with many sweethearts. One important person is Bloodymistress Serenity. She have been kind and she have been an angel in my life. She have always cared me and loved without single expectation. Then comes Miss SL and MVW. Today when i walked MVW runway, I knew it was my last walk and that made me cry. Its hard to express exactly how I feel now. Thanks to Miss SL organisation for letting me experience the fashion world. Eleseran Brianna is one of the most wonderful person I have seen. She have never behaved like MVW title holder. She is a queen in my heart heart emoticonEven when me and my mom did Join Hands for Nepal certain people like eles was so caring and helped me a lot. Mami Jewell hold important position there. she was more kind to make my national costume as well.Samantha Pamatz Sainz sister – she got introduced just before 2 or 3 months but I can’t believe how she could show me enormous care and protection over me. She always have concerned about keeping me safe in RL though she is in next corner my country. I will remember each and everything. Nancy for lovely shares, ria adamski for her cute laughs, Aura for her chennai posts, Goodie for his funny comments, Phish for making me laugh always – each and everyone of you. When i did mistakes, even when it hurt her, Lyrical bizarre forgave me. She have been kind to me and she made me feel better though her heart was broken because of me. I am sorry i am not able to control the length of this passage. Bear with me please. Mecca, jonelle Thanks a lot for all your support and love. I can’t believe they cried that I am leaving. That made me shed some tears too. I never thought that this could be this much painful but well it is. And I have to accept this pain. My designers and my sponsors – Thank you a lot. Alice Tartaglia – The one who made me realise what fashion world is all about.Gin Rayna Emmanuele Russo for making my evening outfits heart emoticon Thanks for believing me. Okay without further words – You cannot ask me if this is a temporary break ! No its not ! This is not a temporary break. I am leaving SL for long. And if you ask its permanent I don’t have an answer. But I can tell you, that this break is going to continue at least for 4 years. Without further more words, I love you all heart emoticon and I will definitely miss you all heart emoticon Hugs tight heart emoticon

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Its winter and RAPTURE have a fabulous item at the event ❤ Go grab them fast ❤

rapture @ FAD_001

Taxi to FAD :

Taxi to RAPTURE™Mainstore


RAPTURE™ Flickr:


Thank you ❤ and hugs ❤ I am taking a break and I will meet all soon in a month ❤ Love you all.

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VALSNIA – RINGCROWN for Art in Hats 2015 – by PetraLAlexander-Valerian©™

Source: VALSNIA – RINGCROWN for Art in Hats 2015 – by PetraLAlexander-Valerian©™

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Miss America

Awesome post of ” My beautiful flower hat “

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Heart Without Home

Thank you sis ❤

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Circles and Stripes

Fabulous blog post by Jamee Sandalwood for Valsnia hats – Circle Hat – Available @ Art in Hats


Snapshot_006 copy

Inspiration….it’s always good when it comes quickly. Today, it did. All I had to do was put on this amazing hat for Art in Hats 2015 from Valsnia entitled “Circles Hat 1” combined with the new group gift from AZUL for October. This fantastic hat is part of the event supporting Team Diabetes of SL opening on November 4th. This is a must have hat that has a modern flair to it yet will work with casual, formal, and couture looks alike. This is a first event entry for designer Valsnia and with what I’ve seen, we have yet another fantastic force in the fashion world in SL. Don’t miss this chance to own this hat and support a great cause. You can find all the information on the Art In Hats website including the LM once the event opens on Wednesday.

This fantastic fall dress from AZUL is the…

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Art in Hats 2015

Thank you mecca ❤


Valsnia Art in Hat 2

Art in Hats 2015 opens soon on November 4th I am so happy to be in 2 of the runway shows with some amazing designers and models. Valsnia, my fellow Miss Virtual World India 2016 is  not only a model, photographer, blogger, she is also a designer. Here is one she made from our Miss Virtual World Fifth Element Runway show – This hat is totally amazing in fact its an avant dream! Circle, Circle Circle link spirals this original mesh creation is able to move and edited perhaps you can wear it a different way. Art in Hats is a collaboration and charity to donate to help fight Diabetes. This event is multi dimensions with photographers, artists, models DJs designers all working together to combat Diabetes.

Styled with

Byrne –  Gartie Sequence top Silver

Byrne – Janus skirt – Silver

Bens Boutique – Gladiator boots silver

Bindi Tattoo –Nox.

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