Shake it off !!

Forget our fears, ignore the flaws and let’s enjoy life as it is ❤Snapshot_009 (1)

This beautiful Laced top by MooH! gives you the comfort and elegance with sexiness.


And nothing other than a slack girl nail can give you that hotness a completion.

Pic 1 : MooH Vicky Top (With color HUD) – Get 50% with Group tag on 😀
Pic 2 : SG – Raja Mesh nails – Available at Designers circle event

Have a great time with MooH and SG combined sexiness. Have fun Shopping. ❤


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Scala Yin/Yang and more..

Scala Yin/Yang event have opened it’s door for July. And the event have raised the bar again this month.


Credits :

Pic 1 : SG – Spot MeshNails – Available at e-Bento Event
Lipstick : Alma – Moon and Sun – Available at Scala Yin/Yang Event.
Pic 2 : Dress : Black Rose Designs – Riley Dress – Available at Scala Yin/Yang Event.

Have fun shopping.
Thank you.

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If I am alive, Why ?


Pic 1 : Eyelure : Ultra Mini
Pic 2 : SlackGirl : Ego mesh Nails


Life always have it’s way to let us win. Make sure you befriend it. ❤

With love,

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Life is not a Zero Sum game

The sciences of world say that equilibrium is when everything is at equal state. But is life a zero sum game ? When the water current of Indian Ocean is cold, the current of Arctic Ocean is hot. When the sun rises in Asia, it sets in America. When it’s summer in norther hemisphere, its winter in south. Looks like even nature can’t play zero sum game. Because it’s meant not to be a zero sum game. In our life, we are meant to be dependent on someone for something. By saying dependent, I don’t just mean in economic sense, there is a whole list of dependency which we don’t realise that we are dependent about.


And when everything in the world runs so perfectly without being a zero sum game, we can make it happen too. How if you ask me, I would say,  let’s be generous, let’s love without expectation just like nature does. And that would make our life beautiful in it’s flaws.

Oh !! Also remember to conserve nature. Let’s plant more trees ❤


Pic 1 : MoOH! Tessa Dress Shabby Chic 
MoOH! do come up with lot of fantastic offers and here’s one for you. Also let’s take up this opportunity to wish Dalriada, A very happy, healthy life ahead on her Birthday. This dress comes with a fabulous back strings, which make it look very sexy. And the flowers portion in the hip makes the outfit look absolutely elegant which is perfect for hanging out with. This outfit is available with 40% DISCOUNT and the offer is ending tomorrow (14th July). So rush to get your piece. For more offers of MoOH! Visit their website.

Pic 2 : Slack Girl – Tropicalia Nails
It’s tropical time and you should definitely grab those floral designed nails. Perfect for a breezy summer/spring style. This mesh nails is available at the swank events.
Visit Main Store for more dashing nails and rings from :SG:

As usual have fun shopping. It’s truly relaxing.

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The story of colours

I am a physics student. Do you know the story of colours ? Let me ask you which is your favourite colour ? Feel free to comment below and get to know the  story of your colour.

Did you know ? White is a combination of all colours and so it doesn’t take any colour when you are in sun light which have all the colours in it. While black is a combination of all colours but one colour missing in it. And when in sun it absorbs the white light (sun light) and try to take the colour it is missing. But it will get refracted.

That’s the reason you are always adviced not to wear black by summer. And here I have one summer fresh outfit with vibrant colours.

Tired of waiting long for a great set of eyes that can grasp anyone’s attention ?? Here is your chance. Grab this beautiful pair of eyes and show the bold and beautiful yourself to the world.

Have fun shopping.

Pic 1 : :SG: Slack Girl Romance mesh eyes (With Colour HUD)

Pic 2 : -mL- monaLisa Lise Dress (With Colour HUD) – Would you believe if its available for just 10L$ with very beautiful and detailed customising. You can’t until you check this link. –> MP (Limited Promo)

Have fun shopping ❤
Until next time,

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After a week..

I am meeting you all after a long time. And I have missed talking with you all. But I had to visit my grand mother and she is doing great 😀

After a week I owe you all some sexiness and here it comes ❤


Pic 1 :
Slack Girl : Lana Nails (Available at Designers Circle )

Pic 2 :
Eyelure Sport Top and Shorties


Those Nails from Slack Girl is wearable with all kind of style and is very minimalistic. And that dress don’t need a description. Ready for a run ?

Have fun Shopping.

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Is Bloody Mary true ?

Scala Yin-Yang Taxi
SlackGirl Taxi

I have had my childhood with all these stories going around my head. Just how my friends wanted to try but I am always a scared one. Today I suddenly wanted to know if there was any real Bloody Mary encounters and I should say that I was pretty shocked with what I read in this blog link. Be them fake or true but that story for sure is chilling.

The scala Yin/Yang event is still going on and its time for you to go and grab all those lovely designs and art work out there.



Snapshot_003 (3)



Credits :

Pic 1 : (All part of Scala Yin-Yang Event)
Skin : YGTL Gothic Dark SKIN
Jewellery : Part of Jumo Cyrus Jumpsuit (check the vendor for complete outfit)

Cyrus Jumpsuit SL

Pic 2 : (All part of Scala Yin-Yang Event)
Outfit : *Cara’s* Dark Princess

Pic 3 : (Available at main store)
Ring : ::SG:: Claw BENTO Mesh Ring (Slack girl)

Pic 4: (All part of Scala Yin-Yang Event)
Dress : .:JUMO:. Cassiopeia Gown
Necklace : Part of [PU] Alicia China Outfit (check the vendor for complete outfit)
Pin Up Tattoo & Style Alicia China.png

And there are lot more items available at Scala Yin-Yang event. Have fun taking a look at it ❤


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